Who are we?

We are a non-for-profit social enterprise based in Yorkshire that provides activities, events and services for people with a disability, predominantly adults aged 18 and above.

We are committed to providing a variety of events that not only appeal to people with a disability but also provide a range of opportunities for them engage whether they want to take part or just observe. Events are determined by ideas and information provided by disabled people, and those working with and supporting their development. We want and provide what people with a disability want, and in many respects, need.


We will be working with other local groups and organisations to co-deliver events where possible to maximise opportunity and impact.


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Our History

DICE was established in May 2013 by founder Colin Findley who recognised the enormous need to provide more activities and events for disabled people locally. DICE would not be in existence if it hadn’t have been for a local business who sponsored the first year of operations. We thank Active Cares for this and for sharing the passion and belief that more is needed to be done locally to provide safe, fun and inclusive opportunities for disAbled people.



Sports Coaches

Other Staff

Kaydan Roe

Angela Findley​

Michael Houghton​​​




Lewis W

Bingo - Angela (Doncaster)


Colin Findley

Inclusion and Engagement Manager

5 things about Colin?

  1. Favourite Food: Curry

  2. Favourite Sport: Pool

  3. Fact: I coached in America

  4. Height: 5ft 10 inches  

  5. Founder of DICE


Nathan Kennedy

Inclusion and Engagement Manager

5 things about Nathan?

  1. - Favourite Food: Pizza

  2. Favourite Sport: Dance

  3. He has is own Youtube channel

  4. He's 5ft 2 inches (Small shh) 

  5. Passionate about his work




DICE head office

Park social sports bar C/O

2 Victoria Road,

Balby, Doncaster


Email: dice.enterprise@hotmail.com



07970 413026 DICE MOBILE

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